Shop Kasigau Tsavo Sunrise Sisal Basket

Kasigau sisal baskets are a sturdy thicker weave baskets for home Decour. All designs are made  from  the creative minds of the weavers. This series is from the Tsavo sunrise collection, colors inspired by dawn in Kenya over the Indian Ocean

Sisal  baskets are a strong mix of bright custom colors made by marere arts women


Weaving baskets is a tradition in Taita culture. Hadithi baskets are made by Basket Weaver Women’s Groups in the rural villages between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. Most groups meet every two weeks to weave baskets together and continue weaving in the meantime at home, on the bus or whilst walking to their neighbours. Hadithi started working with 350 weavers in 2013 and has expanded by 2019 to over 1000 weavers in the area. We visit each group every two months and purchase the baskets on the spot. These meetings are also a great opportunity to chat with the groups and discover some of their needs.


Sisal is famous for being an extremely strong and hardy material; it is resilient even to salt water! However, care should be taken when exposing your basket to full sunlight, since this will cause the colours to fade. Whilst a splash of water will not harm these baskets, drying your basket out if it is made wet is recommended. Sisal is a natural product, and if it remains damp for a long period it can go mouldy. If you use your basket as a plant pot therefore, lining it with a water proof bag is advisable.